Meet Kim A. Bruck, CEO



Kim's passion is helping people become a healthier version of themselve and tell their story thru jewelry so they can love the life they live and become financially free.  

Wisconsin to Arizona

Sometime in life you have to take risks and moving to Arizona was one of those and something Kim never regrets..  Kim loves  Wisconsin but there was something drawing her to the desert out west.   Kim's favorite place is Sedona just a few hours north of Phoenix.   

Giving Back - Children's Author

Kim's passion for giving back to children and animals is what led her to write "ABCs with Joanie & Lola.  Kim served on the board for Gabriels Angels for 3 years and Arizona Basset Hound Rescue for 8 years.  

Sexual Abuse Conqueror

Kim is a sexual abuse conqueror who has worked on healing from her past to allow her to move on with her life.  


Kim almost died from blood clots in both lungs in August 2012 due to estrogen.  Kim learned to look at life as a blessing and God has plans for her even though she may not have known then what they were.